1. This is an animation of a beautiful childrens book called ‘La Mare Aux Tetards’ by Guillaume Delaunay.

  2. Won the ‘International Award for Illustration’ 2010 Bologna Children’s Book Fair Philip Giardano is an Italian Illustrator/ Author living in Tokyo,Japan. Giardano has a unique style which I’ve never seen before. His use of texture which has the feeling of a potato stamp is in great harmony with his use of graphics. I made a tattoo of one of his works.

    You may find all of his works from here and his blog here

  3. Britta Teckentrup, is a German Childrens Book author and an illustrator , studied illustration and fine art in St. Martin’s College of Art and Royal College of Art in London. Teckentrup has more than 30 books published with awards such as Sheffield Children’s Book Prize 2013 , Macmillan Children’s books . The artist website can be found here.

    I made one of her drawing as a tattoo..what more can I say?

  4. Coming from Argentina and currently living in Barcelona Betania Zacarias has illustrated for 5 children’s book which are published already. After studying in the University of Buenos Aires, the artist completed her training in the workshops of Mato Silvia illustration. In 2012, Zacarias was in the selected illustrators in Children’s Book Fair in Bologna, Italy. Along with her books, Zacarias is a teacher and gives illustration workshops mostly in Spain and Argentina. 

    The textures in her illustrations are trully amazing and it is like combining all kinds of different cultures together in harmony. The same multicultural feeling is also in the books she illustared for, where one story is in North Pole and the other in an Arab country. I really loved the polar bear thou.

    You can find her blog here and her portfolio here. And some of her other works here.

  5. Picking wildflowers and collecting animal bones, Teagan White, took my heart the first time I saw her illustration of two foxes making a toast (the first picture). The freelance illustrator, lives in Minnesota and earned her BFA in Illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. While spending her free time exploring the nature in the woods the artist probably wonders in her imagination too.

    I love how the artist can fill one empty space with life; characters are in harmony and the connections between are obviously made with care. Each story can be understood individually and collectively. Her usage of selected colors and round-basic space, the drawings can take all the focus and gives a real home feeling. White’s humour are hidden in the details , which are my favorites; sock eating mouse or the hidden hand under the coat. 

    White’s talent can be seen in many different places, including   Wired Magazine, Anthropologie, here or here . Her latest work for Birch Fabrics is my favorite and would love to get one of it. (here)

  6. Interested in vintage toys and amusement parks, Gabriella Barouch, is a Paris based illustrator, working on worldwide commissions, books and projects. The artist, has graduated from B.DES from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and majored in illustration. Selected as the ‘artist of the season’ by Jerusalem Season of Culture 2012, Barouch has many great artworks for  various projects from music illustrations to calendars and postcards. 

    Being both adorable and dark at the same time, I’m simply charmed by  her work and especially her illustrations for the book 'The Book of Nonsense' written by Edward Lear.

    When asked for her inspiration, Barouch explains “My sketchbook…there is no judgement or planning. It is that freedom that ‘opens the door to experience fearless techniques and ideas’”.  And I hope we all reach that freedom. 

    I highly suggest to check all of her work from her own website from here and a background music to listen while looking at her work from here.